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Willow Creek Company candles?

Willow Creek candles don't give off the black soot and fumes that paraffin candles do. Paraffin is a petroleum by-product. No more nasty black jars and soot on you walls and ceilings.

Non-Allergenic for those who have experienced allergenic reactions to petroleum based paraffin candles - now you can enjoy that wonderful soothing relaxing candle lit evening without difficulty!

Willow Creek candles
burn more slowly and longer, on average 30% longer than most quality paraffin candles.

Soy wax burns cooler, which allows us to use a natural cotton wick instead of potentially dangerous metal-based wicks. It also means no burns from hot wax.  The liquid wax can actually be touched!

Willow Creek candles have a
rich wonderfully strong fragrance when burned and with just the lid off!

Soybeans are a renewable resource & are
biodegradable. Because this wax is water soluble, container clean up is easy!

Our candles are carefully tested before being sold. Our special 100% Soybean Wax Candle process produces far superior fragrances and scents than our competitors, especially those who produce paraffin and competitive soy candles with added paraffin. We test hundreds of samples to find only the very best and strongest.

We strive to use the
best quality fragrances and colors in all of our hand-poured candles.
Once you try them, you will be HOOKED!
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Willow Creek Company caters to the candle connoisseur. Those who burn for the beauty of the flickering flame that only candles can create and for those who want to turn their house into a home. Rich, sensuous, inviting, and comforting scents can make your guests feel welcome, create a personal relaxing retreat, bring back memories of times gone by or make a romantic evening unforgettable.

Both of our large 9 & 18 oz jar soy candles are double wicked and produce a maximum amount of scenting power to transform your entire homes atmosphere. And of course our vastly popular soy Break Apart Melts are a great value for maximum scenting power!

Willow Creek Company candles are created for the customer who wants only the best. We search for the finest quality ingredients and do thorough in house testing to be able to create our superior soybean candles. We use
100% soybean wax, NO paraffin, and all cotton wicks with no metal cores, the most unique fragrances and soy-based dyes. After extensive testing, we have come up with, what we feel to be, the best candles available. We have been making soy candles since 1999 and as one of the oldest soy candle manufacturers our experience shows in the quality of our product. Our commitment to continually improve our products through testing and innovative new production ideas and provide you with a superior candle is our number one goal.

If you love a strongly scented candle that lasts and fills your home with a wonderful fragrance, you have come to the right place! If soy candles have ever disappointed you, give us a try. You will be glad you did.

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