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Break Apart Soy Melts
100 % Soy Break Apart Melts

Quickly fill a room with fragrance!

These melts or tarts break apart into 6 cubes.  Use 2 or 3 cubes depending on the size warmer and the size of the room to be fragrance. They can even be used on a candle warmer if placed in a shallow bowl such as a ramekin dish.

Our melts are in plastic packaging with
 a snap lid for easy storage of your remaining tart cubes.
100% Soy Melts
$4.00 each

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Scented melts have become a huge craze!
We have been making melts since 2004.
 Our quality and strength are much higher than
the famous "scentsy"
competitor and are
almost half the price.
Give us a try!
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