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SOY Jar Candles
Our soy candles are of the highest quality available. We only select the most unique and strongest fragrances to use. This allows us to not have to "overload" the wax with fragrance oil and keep a cleaner candle that still gives off an amazing scent. Our wicks are all cotton with no metal cores and are, of course, lead free.
Approximate burn times more or less.

   9 oz    45 hours    double wicked for more scenting power!

 18 oz    90 hours  
double wicked for more scenting power!

   These are realistic estimated burn times not the maximum amount under "PERFECT" conditions. Burn times will vary from scent to scent and according the the consumers burning habits.
To get the most time out of your candle, follow the burning instructions on the bottom of your candle.
 For more tips click here. Burning Tips
Remember all scents are
naturally of different strengths. There are strong as well as light fragrances according to their kind and the experience of fragrance varies greatly from one to nose to another as well as one house to another. Sweet Pea will never be considered as "strong" as Cinnamon Stick though they will both fill your home and are best sellers that are frequently re-ordered.
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9 oz jar     $12.00
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