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These candles have been tested on many common odors such as cigarette smoke, burned foods, pet odors, dead mouse, and skunk to name a few. Odors are eliminated and not covered up. Nothing is worse than something that is supposed to get rid of a smell and simply combines with it and turns into something worse! This candle does have a fresh clean scent of it's own and many burn it just because they like the scent.
 WARNING - DO NOT burn with a scented candle or you will not smell your scented candle. It will "wipe out" or eliminate the scent. Use Wipe Out candles in the 9 and 18 oz size jars for maximum odor elimination. Always remember, the first time you light your candle, let it burn until you have liquid wax all the way across the jar. This will ensure your candle does not "tunnel" or leave any wax on the sides of the jar.

Get rid of those nasty smells in your house! Wipe Out candles get rid of odors & make you home smell fresh and clean.

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